Best Cheapest and Smallest Smartphones in 2020

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Today we’ll talk about which are the five best picks how to choose the correct product and what you should look at before buying we’ve ranked these products based on their price-quality durability performance and more if you’d like to see their price and find out more information you can check out the links down below.

Let’s get started…


We are going to start this list with the best budget option that you can get your hands on.


5. Motorola Moto G7 Play

It may be the cheapest and smallest member of the g7 family but the Moto G7 play is also the biggest bargain just like the Moto G7 and the Moto G7 power the Moto G7 play not only has to beat out its relatives to secure your affection it has to fend off serious budget competition from Nokia and Honor and it does it’s the smallest of the g7 phones and I like that it’s comfortable and easy to manage with just one hand the plastic finish is warm to the touch and the texture back adds some grip you’ll find the same signature round camera module protruding on the back with a classic m logo below marking out the fingerprint sensor there’s a 5.7 inch LCD screen on the front with a large notch at the top with an earpiece flanked by the camera lens and flash there’s a large bezel at the bottom bearing the Motorola brand which makes you wonder about the need for a notch there are also fairly thick bezels around the side of the screen the screen on the Motorola Moto G7 Play gets plenty bright colors are a bit over saturated out of the box but you can tweak them in the display settings the best thing about the Moto G7 play is that it has exactly the same processor as the Moto G7 which costs a hundred dollars more that means performance is broadly comparable the QUALCOMM snapdragon 632 chip is much more capable than most of the Mediatek processors you tend to find in devices at this price the Moto G7 play comes equipped with a 13 megapixel camera with an f 2.0 aperture it’s capable of capturing good shots in ideal lighting conditions the level of detail is fairly good and the colors are vibrant with the same 3000mah battery as the Moto G7 but with the smaller screen to power.

I had high hopes for the battery life of the Moto G7 Play and wasn’t disappointed the Moto G7 Play got me through most days with plenty left in the tank the Moto G7 player lacks the glamour of the Moto G7 and can’t go for quite as long as the G7 power but it’s decently cheaper than both.

You’re getting the best bang for your buck in terms of performance battery life and camera.



Next up we have a model which gives you the best value for your money.


4. Google Pixel 3

This one is one of the best budget phones on the market today it has an excellent battery life amazing build quality and many more features that make this budget phone look and feel like a top-notch premium phone google pixel 3a has a very nice looking design it’s pretty light measuring at 6 by 2.8 by 0.3 inches and weighing just 3.2 ounces it’s entirely made out of plastic but it still looks great it has AGC’s Dragon Tail strength and glass which is not as great as the corning’s gorilla glass but it’s not that it has a USB Type-C port on the bottom and a headphone jack on the back on the right side it has the volume rocker buttons and the power button it has a pretty nice OLED display with a 2220 by 1080p resolution the screen looks great and delivers great color accuracy it has a snapdragon 670 processor 4 gigabytes of ram and 64 gigabytes of internal storage it performs well and can complete everyday tasks without a problem it has a single rear camera at 12.2 megapixels with an f 1.8 aperture even though it doesn’t sound like a top-notch camera at only 12 megapixels it can take some amazing pictures and this camera is compared to other top-notch camera phones like the s10 the portrait mode is on another level on this one it delivers so much detail and it feels like the picture was taken with a photo shooting camera on the front it has an 8 megapixel camera that can take great selfies it has a 3000mah battery which is small but it can last all day long overall it’s a phone that has so many great features and specs.

It doesn’t cost much and it’s one of the best budget phones in the market today if you’ve already decided to buy a budget phone that has a lot to offer you should consider taking a look at this one too.


If you’re looking for a mid-range model then this next pick is a great option.


3. Apple iPhone SE 2020

The new iPhone SE is an outstanding phone delivering fast performance and very good cameras in a compact design I generally like the iPhone SE’s design with one exception on the plus side it’s a very well made handset with the same sturdy glass and aluminium design of the iPhone 8.

There are three color options of the iPhone se black white and product red I like how the aluminium band is colour matched with the back of the device another plus to the iPhone SE the whole design is almost comically compact compared to the iPhone 11 pro max it’s the difference between barely noticing a phone is in the front pocket and having it bulge out the iPhone SE measures 5.45 by 2.65 by 0.29 inches and weighs 5.22 ounces which is smaller and narrower than the google pixel 3a but about the same weight the pixel 3a has a bigger 5.6 inch display but a cheaper plastic design a 4.7 inch screen on a modern day phone may seem antiquated but those shopping for one of the best small phones won’t be disappointed in this panel just don’t expect a full HD picture the iPhone SE’s display resolution is just 1334 by 750 pixels we would prefer to see a 1080p display but it’s not too bad of a trade-off like the iPhone 8 the iPhone SE features a single 12 megapixel rear camera and a 7 megapixel front camera you don’t get an ultra-wide angle lens like the iPhone 11 or a telephoto lens with optical zoom like the iPhone 11 pro but the a13 bionic chip boosts the camera’s performance of the iPhone SE in several ways while android phone makers outfit their budget funds with weaker processors the iPhone SE packs the same state-of-the-art a30 and bionic chip as the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro this means you’ll enjoy the same fast and responsive performance the iPhone SE is rated for less battery life than the iPhone 11 so you shouldn’t expect the longest endurance for instance apple says the iPhone SE delivers 13 hours of video playback vs 17 hours for the iPhone 11.

The iPhone SE 2020 is the affordable phone to beat and one of the best cheap phones you can get.


Before we talk about the best model overall let’s look at the runner-up for this list.


2. Sony Xperia XZ2  Compact

Sony has crammed a dump truck load of hot tech into the Xperia XZ2  compact you can tell too as it certainly has chunk and thickness 12.1 millimetres with its full-fat feature set and hardware bulging out its brushed metal and plastic casing it delivers a spec that outguns the Samsung Galaxy S9 a design that banishes the blocky bezel-plastic pass still in play as late as last years’ experience Xperia XZ premium and a selection of features including another impressive world-first that allows it to take on camera powerhouses like the Huawei p20 pro too simply put it’s a quality all-round small phone most phone makers try to make their handsets as thin as they can the design goal of the Sony Xperia XZ2  compact is not about thinness the small footprint is at least 50% of the appeal here the Sony Xperia XZ2  compact has the silhouette of a phone with a 4.5-inch screen.

Its actual display measures 5 inches across but this is only because it has a longer 18 to 9 aspect display like so many recent phones the Sony Xperia XZ2 compact’s design is different to the Xperia XZ1 compact though it’s no longer a rectangular brick using much smoother curves across its back for a palm hugging feel that phone has a 1020p resolution this is a wide full HD screen with a resolution of 1080 by 2160.

It’s very sharp with a density of 483 pixels per inch the Sony Xperia XZ2  compact shares many features with the larger more expensive Xperia XZ2  it’s what makes this small phone so unusual these features include QUALCOMM’s top-end snapdragon 845 chipsets a 19-megapixel camera 64 gigabytes of storage and a screen capable of playing hdr video down at pixel level the Sony Xperia XZ2  compact images still look obviously processed with a clear attempt to bring out fine detail like the four-way branches of a tree.

The Sony Xperia XZ2 compact has a 2870mah battery just a little larger than the 2700mah battery of the Xperia XZ1 compact the Sony Xperia XZ2  Compact is a solid step forward from the XZ1 compact in several respects it has more storage a higher screen resolution and some camera improvements.


Finally, the next model is the best overall categories


1. Samsung Galaxy S10e

Samsung galaxy s10e with e standing for essential Samsung has produced a pretty amazing new phone that’s at a lower price than new phone that’s at a lower price than but also has nearly all the features that they have yes maybe you won’t get the third lens and the gorgeous curved display edges and the in-screen fingerprint sensor but with the value that this product offers it’s easy to see Samsung’s strategy the Samsung galaxy s10e is slightly different from the galaxy s10 series while the galaxy s10 and s10 plus have a flashier look the s10e has a hip lock keeping the cool look without going over the top the 5.8 inch dynamic AMOLED display is astounding it has large amounts of brightness making it easy to use outdoors it has a full HD plus which is not as pixel dense as the quad HD plus but can hold itself pretty well the front camera is placed inside the screen which is a good design choice the galaxy s10 is armed with QUALCOMM snapdragon 855 SoC with six gigabytes of ram in the geekbench 4 which tests the overall performance it has scored 10413 points coming in second just to the galaxy s10 plus while gaming it really shines in high performance demand in games even with maxed out settings it won’t break a sweat and the frame rate won’t take a dip the galaxy s10e has a 3100mah battery which is larger than the galaxy s9 battery but the galaxy s10e is also a smaller phone.

However, in various tests the battery life is the same as the s9 but it’s pretty decent battery life nonetheless it also has the wireless power share feature which allows you to transform your phone into a charging pad it’s the best phone at that price you can buy providing great value without the compromise performance and features of the series.

If you want a top-notch small phone you should definitely consider this one.



Buying Guide

ü The Display

Firstly the display if you’re like most of us you’re going to spend hours each day staring at your smartphone screen make sure you’re buying one that’s bright enough to see outdoors and sharp enough where the text doesn’t look blurry while you’re surfing the web if you’re buying a phone with a large screen don’t go under a resolution of 1920x1080p and if you can splurge look for the sharper 2560×1440 quad HD resolutions consider the screen size too.

ü The Storage

secondly storage I know plenty of folks try to save money by buying cheaper phones but often they ship without much storage onboard I recommend getting a smartphone with at least 64 gigabytes of storage or more if you plan to download music and movies apps are much bigger these days and pictures can take a lot of space if you’re not storing them in the cloud.

apple photos google photos or other services offer these options some android smartphones also offer micro SD card slots that allow you to boost the storage space and thirdly camera if you like sharing pictures with friends and family.

ü The Camera

Make sure you’re buying a phone with a good camera. Most of the more expensive phones the Galaxy S9 the iPhone X are particularly adept at taking photos in low light too which means you’ll still get good pictures in a dim restaurant without the flash. Budget phones don’t usually

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