Best Gaming TV in 2020 For Xbox, PS5 & PC

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Today we’ll talk about which are the five best picks how to choose the correct product and what you should look at before buying we’ve ranked these products based on their price-quality durability performance and more if you’d like to see their price and find out more information you can check out the links down below.


Let’s get started…



We have a really good option that costs under five hundred dollars it’s the best option for that price range


5. Hisense 50H8G

The high cents earned high marks earlier this year for delivering excellent colour and contrast performance with a generous assortment of features at an affordable price like most TVs today. The TV stand is comprised of two blade-style feet, unlike many TVs that provide one set of feet locations situated at the far ends of the TV.

The Hisense 50H8G Quantum has a narrow placement option as well the HHG Quantum offers 4 HDMI 2.0 inputs with one supporting arc but there’s no e-arc support. There’s also no support for variable refresh rate VRR or auto low latency mode (ALLM) both of which are features that gamers should be on the lookout for with next-gen consoles coming later this year.

Under the hood, the HHG Quantum has a VA type LCD panel with a full array of local dimming or FALD backlight system. A combination of these two should help the TV achieve deeper black levels and minimize halo effect which produces rings of light around bright objects on a dark background. The use of the VA panel also means that off-angle viewing will not look very good. Colours look washed out contrast takes a big hit and you can more easily see the backlights in action all very typical speaking of the Hisense 50H8G Quantum supports HDR10 Dolby Vision and HLG HDR formats Hisense also claims the TV supports HDR10+ but I was never able to get it to work on amazon prime video which is my only source for that particular format sitting directly in front of the TV I was surprised at how well the backlight system controlled the dark areas around bright objects especially in HDR modes.

You’ll find almost every app you could want on the high sense HG Quantum series along with popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney plus and Amazon Prime you can download plenty of apps for cable cutting sling YouTube TV free content Pluto and 2b studio content HBO max and ShowTime and working out peloton there are also a number of games you can download and play using your remote or android TV gamepad this is the best high sense TV to date.



If you’re looking for a model that’s under a thousand dollars this would be a good option for you.


4. Sony X900H

Sony X900H in the US and Sony XH90 in Europe has been referred to as the PlayStation 5 TV and is also one of Sony’s ready for PS5 TVs based primarily on its HDMI 2.1 capabilities including support for gaming in 4k 120 that’s 4k at 120 pixels per second. It’s also an Android TV with a new more powerful SOC that has not been used in any previous Sony TV the bezel is enclosing that huge expansive screen of slender and discrete and the feet on which it stands are a similarly skinny flattened V-shape it seems unlikely that a TV this big will be anything other than wall-mounted even taking its significant 33-kilogram weight into account but should an owner be in a position of a surface wide enough to stand it on there’s more than enough space below the bottom of the screen for a substantial sound bar.

Sony has put a lot of effort into improving the ability of its 4k TVs to upscale sub 4k content by combining the prodigious power of its X1 4k HDR picture processing chip with an ever-expanding database of 4k relevant images it intends to offer greater detail texture and well 4k-Ness to 1080p material and to a very great extent that proves to be the case with the solid bases of black the Sony X900H doesn’t have to get extremely bright to appear vivid using portrait displays Kalman software and the SpectraCal C6-HDR colourimeter.

I measured the Sony X900H’s peak brightness in a 10 window at 750 nits for a sustained period of time all but the 55 inch model in the Sony XH90 range features Sony’s grand-sounding acoustic multi-audio system in practice this equates to 20 watts powering two full-range drivers and a couple of tweeters positioned near the top of the back of the screen chassis one on either side is the Sony X900H or Sony XH90 in Europe. The PlayStation 5 TV well it’s hard to say for sure until PlayStation 5 arrives and even more crucially until Sony releases the firmware required to enable HDMI 2.1 and related features.No timeline has been announced however we would argue that it’s mediocre HDR picture quality is a big limitation more and more console games are released in HDR.



If you’re looking for a mid-range model then this next pick is a great option…


3. LG E9

If I had to choose one OLED TV to rule them all I would pick the LG e9 because it combines all the qualities that make a great OLED tv the image quality is impressive it has a great design the cost is competitive and it has a great sound performance which I didn’t expect also the best thing about this OLED tv is that you can enjoy gaming nights like never before.

The biggest selling point of the LG E9 is the thin band on the bottom of the tv that’s a speaker grill and acts as a soundbar actually overall it also separates nicely from the glass panel and adds a great aesthetically pleasing look the grille allows the sound to shoot downwards and it’s a great step up from the industry standard that pushes you into investing in a soundbar there are some excellent connectivity ports on the back of this tv including 4 HDMI ports 3 USB ports optical port 3.5-millimeter audio satellite sockets antenna and Ethernet as well.

Moving on you can also wall mount this panel and it’ll look excellent as well due to its super thin body giving an elegant look. The LG E9 is powered by the second generation alpha 9 processor of the company that does wonders with the ai technology that optimizes the image and upscales the content perfectly I should also mention that it delivers amazing colour and it supports Dolby vision. hdr10 and HLG content without any compromise.

I watched a couple of 4k movies on the LG E9 and it didn’t disappoint even one bit as it delivers a great brightness and amazing contrast thanks to its OLED nature blacks looked ultra-deep and the shadows were very pleasing to the eye definitely one of my favourite TVs out there I would have liked it if it supported hdr 10 plus as well but even without it it is great overall the colour palette is rather rich and I have no complaints about this tv.



Before we talk about the best model overall let’s look at the runner-up for this list…




2. LG C9

This tv is just an absolute beast it’s not only great for gaming but I can say that it is the best tv for a range of usages. It delivers outstanding performance. This tv has an excellent image quality brilliant response time clear motion with no blur trail and many more wonderful features that you should check out the design of this tv is amazing it has a pretty classy and premium look the stand supports the tv well and what I love most about the design of this tv is that it has an almost bezel-less screen moreover another great thing about this tv is the unseen electronics box that hides everything from tuners and powers applied to input and output ports.

the LG C9 has a very high refresh rate and an outstanding reflection handling this one uses the LG A9 gen 2 intelligent processor and it can turn off individual pixels and thanks to that this one has an infinite contrast ratio the reason why this tv is the best gaming tv is that it has a remarkably low input lag and a pretty fast response time it has a pretty nice remote control that relies on Bluetooth so you can point it anywhere you want and it’ll still work perfectly it really is the best gaming tv in the market it also is great for watching movies tv shows and different kind of videos. if you’re looking for a gaming tv and the price is not a big deal for you you should definitely check out the LG C9 because it really has a lot to offer.



Finally, the next model is the best overall from the US it gets a perfect score in all categories…




LG has improved on this OLED beefing up its video processing with a new alpha 9 gen 3 processor and its touted ai think software one of its primary functions is to differentiate between different types of on-screen objects such as faces and graphics for example to deliver more detailed processing you can also set the software to detect what kind of content sports versus movies is being watched and automatically adjust the picture another advantage of OLED technology is that because there’s no separate backlight you can go thin super thin so the cx is essentially a big piece of glass that’s about a quarter of an inch thick the LG cx can be wall-mounted using a standard visa 300 by 200 bracket however the included wedge-shaped tabletop stand makes for very sturdy support. it attaches with a handful of screws but it takes two people to set it upright on a credenza in setting up the LG cx-55 you’ll find a welter of image options to satisfy virtually any taste like other sets of its ilk there are several preset picture settings including modes for sports movies gaming vivid pictures and hdr effects it also includes the new filmmaker mode which produces images as close to the original picture as possible by disabling video processing effects like motion smoothing and reinstating the original movie’s aspect ratio colours and frame rates like cinema mode it can look dimmer than other settings but it produces the most accurate picture LG has also added several performance features for gaming there’s a reduced latency game mode auto low latency mode of course which worked well with our Xbox one 4k games.

LG also supports Nvidia’s g-sync and the open free sync for those inclined to connect a gaming laptop and looking to get the smoothest images possible and LG supports HDMI for hdr gaming if you’re looking for the best 4k picture available the LG cx OLED will not disappoint the addition of improved sound and some of the best smart tv features including voice control just make this package all the more appealing.



Buying Guide

Firstly, Low Lag

Before worrying about image quality or resolution focus on finding a low latency tv latency or lag is the time that it takes view tv to display an image on screen when gaming a ton of lag can ruin your ability to react to obstacles or enemies most TVs have about 60 milliseconds of latency which is considered pretty high for gamers. Hardcore gamers tend to aim as low as possible some swear by 13-millisecond TVs but we suggest getting anything under 30 milliseconds why are we mentioning latency before resolution or image quality well because cheap 4k hdr TVs are burdened with a ton of latency if you’re in the market for a 200 gaming tv you might want to skip 4k and hdr and focus your money on a low latency 1080p tv.

Secondly, Refresh Rate

Gamers spend a lot of time talking about refresh rates or frames per second or hertz. Some people think that refresh rates are nonsense and that the human eye can’t see the difference between 60 fps and 120 fps but that’s nonsense the human brain can react to changing visual stimuli in a millisecond or 1 1000 of a second while high refresh rates are great you may not need a 120-hertz tv high refresh rates are usually a trade-off for raw visual quality and there’s a good chance that you’re already comfortable with 60 fps or less.

Thirdly, Resolution

Popular home consoles have displayed content in full HD resolution 1080p for the past 10 years. so it hasn’t been a factor to consider until the announcement of the ps4 pro and codenamed Xbox Scorpio both promised to deliver 4k ultra HD gaming in our living rooms. so if you have your eye on one of these it might be wise to consider picking up a 4k ultra HD tv in preparation keep in mind that outputting a 1080p signal from your ps4 or Xbox one to a 4k ultra HD tv works just fine so even if you don’t plan on making the incremental upgrade to 4k just for gaming you can still benefit when watching Ultra HD films or television.

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