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Tech Tats Wearable Sensor for the Curious Biohacker | Digital Trends

Tech TatsTech Tattoos

These are devices that are mounted on the skin and allow for simple integration of electronics with the human body to create a temporary tattoo that can also act as a health tracker. Instead of going to the doctor once here to get your sister’s school, this tattoo can be something that you just put on your body once a year and it monitors everything they would do in a physical exam and sends it to your doctor, and if there is a problem, they can call you.




NakefitAdhesive foot pads

These are unique sticky soles that can be worn on the beach or while hanging out by the pool, they provide optimal protection against sharp objects and reduce the risk of slipping, the advantage is that the person using the soles will no longer have than donning and doffing flip flops worrying about losing them make the ideas fit tightly to the sole of the foot, even if underwater, while the foot stays clean and dry make a heat resistant fit so you can walk on hot sand and rocks without worrying.



World's Coolest Sink By Osman Can Ozcanli A Sink Which Appears With The Press OF A Button - YouTube

Futuristic SinkFuturistic bathroom and kitchen sink

This sink was created about 10 years ago but people noticed it only a couple of months ago this unique hi-tech sink was developed by the Turkish specialists Osman Can Ozcanli. It can be found in the office of the developer and president of Oz PAC the sink has a futuristic look and will be appraised by lovers of unusual interiors.



Magic Leap One AR headset is out now for $2,295, but only in six specific cities - CNET

Magic Leap one Augmented reality AR

This technology allows everyone to experience augmented reality. The difference between virtual reality and augmented reality, the former has nothing to do with the real world and immerses the real world and immerses the person in a completely new world while augmented reality transforms the space around us. Magic leap one creates interactive elements in real-time, you can organize a medieval battle in the kitchen or make Star Wars characters roam your Petri dish. Currently, several manufacturers are developing augmented reality glasses, however, magic leap one has a more compact and comfortable design.


Blue Is a New Low-Cost Force-Controlled Robot Arm from UC Berkeley - IEEE Spectrum

The Blue Robot Advances technology robot

This technology was developed by a team from California Berkeley. The blue robot embodies the latest advances in artificial intelligence and thanks to deep reinforcement learning. The robot can solve complex problems that for a long time can only be solved by humans. The problem with modern robots is they are expensive and designed around the principle of very high precision and repeated movements blue does not have these problems the total cost of the parts is approximately 3000$ when they have assembled the price increases to 5000$. At the same time, the blue is a step forward in the creation of dynamic and responsive robots.


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